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Terms and Conditions Skischool A-Z

1. General

Unless otherwise expressly agreed upon, all transactions between A-Z skischool and their customers are subject to this Terms and Conditions Agreement. The business objective of A-Z skischool is operating a snow sports school (ski school). This includes services like the instruction in skills and knowledge of snow sports, especially of skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing (no guarantee of any particular training success) as well as guiding of snow sports in particular of skiing, snowboarding and cross country.

2. Contract for deals, online price checking and prices:

Reservations for private and group lessons can be conducted by internet by phone or by fax. Reservations have to be confirmed in writing by the A-Z skischool, otherwise are not accepted as firm bookings.
A-Z skischool offers are non-binding. For reservation and scope of services only written order confirmations are relevant. Verbal or telephone covenants must be expressly confirmed in writing by A-Z skischool.
When booking on-site (private and group classes), a contractual relationship is established only with the acquisition of the required rate cards.
All our prices are to be understood in € and unless otherwise agreed, inclusive of VAT. Price lists are subject to change. No liability for printing errors.

3. Payment Conditions

For contracts that are received via internet, fax or other means of telecommunication concerning private and group lessons, a deposit of 50% is necessary immediately after receiving the written confirmation and the rest of the balance payment is due before the service starts.
For contracts concluded at the place of charge the balance payment for the service to be performed must be paid at the A-Z skischool office.
In case of default by the customer A-Z skischool is entitled to claim interest under applicable law.

4. General Conditions of Participation

The customer has to notify his skills and experience in skiing fully and truthfully to A-Z skischool and independently contribute to the necessary and working equipment for his skiing technique and the external conditions. The customer also has to notify his health condition or other special needs comprehensively to A-Z skischool.
Before lessons start the customer has to arrange for specific checking of his ski gear (in particular ski binding) by a specialist.
Group assignment is done by A-Z skischool. Should a downgrade of a participant be necessary, the customer has to follow that decision. Otherwise, A-Z skischool is entitled to terminate the contract.
Instructions of ski instructors have to be followed by the customers. Disrespect of instructions and exhortations entitle A-Z skischool immediately to terminate the contract. Alcohol and drugs also result in immediate termination.
In the above described cases, the customers are not entitled to any refunds.
Decreases in group classes to a number of students of less than 4 people, result in the right of A-Z skischool to merge groups or to reduce teaching hours.

5. Liability provisions

Each participant is urgently advised to contract his own health and accident insurance. A-Z skischool is only liable under current legislation for any damages and faults that are directly related to the activities of the skischool and which were caused deliberately or through gross negligence. Third party insurance is completed by A-Z skischool.

6. Warranty

Any complaints must be notified to A-Z skischool immediately by the customer on-site and in the skischool office in order to take remedial action. No entitlement to a reduction in payment can be accepted if compaints are not notified imediately. Claims against A-Z skischool are to be asserted in writing and justified at least 4 weeks after the occurrence.

7. Resignation/Cancellation

A refund of already made payments for group lessons can only be made after accidents or disease, by presenting the original skischool price ticket and only with a medical certificate from a local doctor. The amount to be reimbursed will be recalculated on the basis of the actual service performed for that period. The total amount will be reduced but the daily rates might be higher.
No-shows at the agreed date and meeting point or resignation of a running service is not refundable.
Weather-related lesson outages (force majeure) are not refundable.
Cancellation fees: up to 5 days prior to lesson: free of charge, 5 days to 24 hours prior to lesson: 50% within 24 hours prior to lesson: full price has to be payed.

8. Jurisdiction

For any disputes arising under this contract the relevant court to the subject in the domain of A-Z skischool is exclusively competent for jurisdiction.

9. Choice of law

Austrian law applies.

10. Legal validity

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions may become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and the entire legal transaction. The invalid condition is to be replaced by one that comes closest in business perspective to the the invalid condition.

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