Stay healthy and safe is key, also on the slopes! But an accident can happen. To anyone. And anytime. Unfortunately.


A good insurance helps to take away certain worries. Skischule A-Z advices following if guests ask:


 - check your own health or travel insurance and arrange, when needed, for an additional "(extreme) sports coverage"


 - check your credit card, e.g. VISA covers certain incidents


 - when buying a lift card am Arlberg, you can buy a "rescue card" in addition. EUR 15 covers for 8 days the transport and medical costs following accidents ON piste.


 - last, but not least, we would advice to support the "Bergrettung" (mountain rescue")! For EUR 28 per year, a supporting member (with family) is covered for mountain accidents on and off piste. You support a great organisation, a charity and you get multiple benefits.


Check the Bergrettung Tirol website: 


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