We offer snowboarding lessons for all ages and experience levels from beginners to advanced. We show you what you need to know to progressively learn the skills needed to become a proficient snowboarder. First turns, easy tricks and jumps or hitting the powder or the park on the Arlberg? Join A - Z snowboard classes and find out about the thrill of it!

Choose from:


ROOKIE: Beginners learn to master basic drift turns. Of course we also teach you some easy tricks, T-bars and button-lifts.

CRUISER: Advanced snowboarders learn all about carving, on-piste freestyle and check out the funpark.

PRO:To experts we show freeriding, freestyle & funpark and carving on- and off-piste across the Arlberg ski area.



Our experienced instructors teach lessons for all ages and abilities in groups of up to 7 people or you can opt for private lessons for tailored tuition.


Skischule A-Z

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